December 28, 1997 pm
Michael F. Blume

Jesus prayed not for the world, neither that we would be removed from this world.
We see how GRACE is activated in Paul's writings. Paul learned how God works. You see, God lets certain infirmities remain because they are deemed suitable to keep you in place and right before God. Remember God's strength is ALMIGHTY.

Do not take the "all" out of "al-mighty".

Paul referred to this when he said:
Paul did not ruin it and rob himself of the opportunity he had for grace to work mightily in him after he learned how to activate grace. You can give miracles an opportunity to occur by stepping out in faith. TAKING STEPS OF FAITH

God saw RAHAB, a Gentile, in Jericho and saw her wonder about God of Israel.

Jesus lives through the believers who takes steps of faith, just as the people literally became Jesus' vessels to come forth into the world through by way of birth. God's Spirit is the Spirit of glory.
The Spirit came only when Jesus was glorified. Peter said that trials will come and should be no surprise to us. I already have the LIFE of Jesus in me. The Spirit of glory raised up JESUS from the dead because He was God's Son.
This is very important to know.
Paul said we died with Jesus and we are also risen and resurrected with Him. When our bodies die, at the right time we shall be changed. We may be alive when the rapture occurs, but we shall be changed. Jesus died and was buried for three days and nights, and the right time came for Him to rise again. When Jesus resurrected, what happened was that the Spirit of Glory glorified and quickened or made alive his body.

It is appointed to man once to die, and He died that required death.

We are dead with Christ and were made so by baptism into death.
Nobody else's death would have helped me at all. Death with Abraham Lincoln, or Martin Luther King stops at death. This is what Paul says:
We were crucified with Him.
Jesus died once.
NO more deaths for Him!
Likewise we must see that we died to sin also, if we died with Him.
If He died unto sin and we died with Him, then the benefits He had in dying to sin are our benefits. And then Paul said, yet we are alive.
If Jesus had the Spirit of glory with Him after He resurrected, then if we resurrect with Him we have the same SPIRIT. This is not only talking about the rapture. Our bodies are not in graves for that Spirit to raise them up, but anything to do with sin and death is bait for the Spirit of glory! When Satan sends trouble, a mild form of sin and death, glory say, "Let me at him!!"


But AFTER SALVATION, grace is upon us. Paul saw that grace works when we are in sin and saves us when we repent. No longer living in sin is saying we do not have to sin.
God said, "Paul, you are dead. You are also my son. Act like it and let the My Spirit resurrect you from this form of death. My Spirit only resurrects my SONS. You're one of them. Since it does not have to take your body out of a grave, it does nevertheless see trials and troubles, which are forms of sin and death. And it will strengthen you to go through it unhindered.. My grace is all you need. But remember this, so long as you are weak, then my power has wide open opportunity to work. But when you think you can handle troubles alone, thinking you're strong, you frustrate grace."
You must cooperate with the fact that you are dead with Christ.

Unfortunately, if you do not know how to activate grace and let t work, and think you must fight your own battles, it cannot help you.

It is a spirit of resurrection. Then Jesus ascended with His blood to the Father for our sakes. It is therefore a Spirit of resurrection. If we reckon ourselves to be dead, and truly know we are dead in God's eyes, since we died with Jesus, then the Spirit can work.

An immune system is an inoculation of life.

A.I.D.S is a virus that destroys the immune system. Being dead with Jesus gives us a right to be helped by the Spirit of Glory.
And it gives us a right to live above sin.

Normally,. you would have to die to be free from sin.

Do not frustrate grace. How can the Spirit of resurrection work with no death?
The dragon was cast out of heaven after Jesus was ascended.
And we read that the children of God overcame him and caused him to fall.
Jesus' ascension overcame the devil. In a book about the testimony of Jesus:
Shows us having that testimony as our own because the BLOOD was His death for us.
Jesus ascended, and that is His testimony, but we ascended with Him and His testimony is our testimony. Paul said what is gain to him is loss to Christ.

Paul said that he had a treasure in his earthen vessel.

Verse 6 said it was light of the knowledge of the glory of God.
  1. Paul said he was troubled - yet not distressed.
  2. Perplexed - but not in despair.
  3. Persecuted - not forsaken.
  4. Cast down - not destroyed.
  5. Bearing about dying of Jesus in body - so there would be continual freedom fro the LIFE of SPIRIT of Jesus within to flow forth.
Romans 8:11 said the Spirit would ENLIVEN our mortal bodies. Paul told us we are to be living sacrifice (Ro. 12:10). THIS IS YOUR REASONABLE SERVICE. YOU NEED THIS HOLY GHOST!