MF Blume
Father's Day, June 21, 1998 am

Everytime we read about the light of the Gospel, we read about the image of God.
He spoke about receiving the light of the knowledge of God's glory. We know what LIGHT refers to in the Bible. To be made into God's image is not to look like God, because no one can see God. God can change us so much into the image of Jesus, that we do not allow sin to rule in our lives. Notice what Jesus said about fathers.
Children watch their fathers and repeat what they see their fathers do.
The Pharisees tried to kill Jesus, and if Abraham were realy their father, they would not have done that. Watch a person's behaviour and you wil know if they are children of God or of the Devil. Paul said we can look to Jesus and be changed into that same image from glory to glory. KNOWLEDGE is REVELATION in these verses. Jesus rose from the dead, and we rise WITH HIM. So we must come tro an understanding until we are no longer defeated by lying thoughts. We pray, "Our Father... give us this day our daily bread." Satan entered the Garden and murdered Adam and Eve spiritually by luring them to the fruit that God said would kill them if they eat it. If we are children of God then we simply live godly.

We are renewed in that omage of God by receiving the LIGHT, BREAD, spiritual knowledge.

2:5 is what 1:7 was illustrating! To say the blood continually cleans us is a poetic way of saying the power of God to open up our graves of sin and resurrect us from veritable death, continues to empower us to remain in God's image.


The only reason I can walk in newness of life is by my faith that He died in my place by proxy.