SERMONS by Michael F. Blume

It is my conviction, as a minister of the Gospel, to preach the Word of God. To preach the Bible. God gave us this wonderful account of His words of truth so that we would come to understand His ways and grow spiritually mature into the stature of Jesus Christ. The many chapters of the Bible that we have been given are there for us to learn and understand. God did not want us to lay half of the Bible away to the side and never learn about the message in that section of Scripture. As a minister, my calling is to teach and preach the entire Bible. I feel urged to help those who hear my ministry to understand what every chapter in the Bible is talking about. In these sermons you will find messages that simply reveal what the Word of God teaches. It is wonderful how the Word of God amazingly "dovetails" together, and how all the references throughout the written Word of God relate to one another. I desire to present the Gospel in its full glory, and to help believers mature to a place of strong faith and spiritual understanding. I thank you so much for taking time to read these sermons. By learning more of God's Word through these sermons, you help me fulfil my desire of doing my part for the Kingdom of God.

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